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On this page is an overview of the USACE Partnership Project. We will update this periodically.

Traditional Community Assistance Program (CAP)

  • Preliminary Restoration Plan (PRP)
  • Ecosystem Restoration Report (Feasibility Phase)
  • Plans and Specifications Phase
  • Implementation (Construction) Phase

Preliminary Restoration Plan (PRP)

  • Phase Complete (6 months)
  • Federally Funded ($10,000)
  • Documented problems, opportunities, issues, and potential costs
  • Determined federal interest in completing more detailed effort

Ecosystem Restoration Report (Feasibility Phase)

  • Federally funded initially, then cost shared during implementation

  • 16-24 months to complete

  • Report Tasks

  • Problem identification
  • Inventory & forecast conditions
  • Formulate alternative plans
  • Evaluate effects of alternative plans
  • Compare alternatives
  • Select recommended plan

Plans and Specifications Phase

  • Federally funded initially, then cost shared during implementation

  • 6-12 months to complete
  • Completion of recommended plan detailed designs, plans and specifications

Implementation (Construction) Phase

  • Cost shared 65/35 or 75/25 (included from prior phases)
  • Construction of recommended plan


  • Cost Sharing

  • Section 206 Watershed Improvements 65/35% federal/local
  • Section 1135 Flood Control 75/25% federal/local (5% cash; in-kind service credits)

  • Real Estate - Conservation easements on public and private lands

Public Involvement

  • Steering Committee
  • Stakeholders and local agency inputs
  • Public Meetings (3-4)

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