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Citizen volunteer monitoring of the watershed is of paramount importance to understanding its health, as well as, measuring the effectiveness of local restoration and protection initiatives.

WQM QA/QC Workshop
Water quality monitoring QA/QC practiced by Jeff Hines and Gary Peacock.

Codorus Monitoring Network


It takes a while to get from a plan to active monitoring in the field - but we are there!

The Plan (Watershed Monitoring Design for York County) was developed by the WAY Monitoring Committee and several cooperating groups including the Alliance for Aquatic Resource Monitoring (ALLARM), Consortium for Scientific Assistance to Watersheds (C-SAW), Yorktowne Senior Environment Corps (YSEC), and Codorus Monitoring Network (CMN). The plan established monitoring protocols and priorities for all of the county watersheds, not only the Codorus.

The new Codorus Monitoring Network is part of this plan and has volunteered to monitor 20 sites, scattered among the three branches of Codorus Creek, including some tributaries. Members are now monitoring the following sites once each month:

  • 7H001 Ernie Laurer & Bud Bankert

  • 7H002 Linda Spillman

  • 7H003 Michael Helfrich

  • 7H004 Jim & Jean Leaman

  • 7H005 Jim & Jean Leaman

  • 7H006 Available for adoption

  • 7H007 Cecile Fetters

  • 7H008 Hans Scheltema

  • 7H009 Hans Scheltema

  • 7H010 Available for adoption

  • 7H011 Brad Weirich

  • 7H012 Gary Peacock

  • 7H013 Eric Laskowich

  • 7H014 Available for adoption

  • 7H015 Jeff Hines

  • 7H016 Eric Laskowich

  • 7H017 Jeff Hines

  • 7H018 Gary Peacock

  • 7H019 Dave Keffer

  • 7H020 Available for adoption

There are site not yet taken and more sites to be added to the list. WE NEED YOU! The monitor's test for dissolved oxygen, nitrate, phosphate, alkalinity, pH, and temperature.

If you can volunteer a couple of hours a month, we will train you. Please contact Jim Leaman at (717) 843-2929 or John Klunk at (717) 308-0070.

CCWA Members -- we have opportunities for you to become volunteer monitors!